Fresher Farm to Table

GETTING THE ROOT OF FRESH AND HOW TO GET IT IN THE CITY Living in NYC, it is surprisingly hard to find impeccably fresh produce. I’d insert the word ‘local’ here too but recent schooling has taught me that ‘local’ is rapidly becoming the new ‘organic’ when it comes to overuse and lack of meaningContinue reading “Fresher Farm to Table”

James Beard Gala Kickoff

FOND GROUP TEAMS UP WITH JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION TO PLAN 2013 GALA This week marked the kick-off of the most delicious FOND Group project yet. As members of this year’s James Beard Gala Host Committee, we were invited to join in an incredible culinary treat of the southern kind. The “Hot and Hotter” themed dinner wasContinue reading “James Beard Gala Kickoff”

Seeing Microgreen

FOND was first introduced to Brendan Davison, founder of Good Water Farms back in November through a mutual friend who knew it would be immediate kismet. Since first sampling the sweet and unfathomably nutritious Microgreens superfood that Davison grows on his land in Long Island, we were hooked. Since then, Davison has been expanding rapidlyContinue reading “Seeing Microgreen”

To Africa to Fight HIV

FOND Group recently teamed up to race the Two Oceans Ultramarathon in South Africa for one of its favorite causes: (GRS). FOND assembled a team of 7 runners who raced a grueling 56km (35 mile) course along the stunning coast of Cape Town and raised over $75,000 to support GRS AIDS/HIV prevention programs inContinue reading “To Africa to Fight HIV”