Who We Are  

The FOND Group is a full service email consulting firm with specific expertise in developing revenue streams and growing well-qualified, engaged audiences.

What We Do

We provide strategic consultation and operational email marketing support for mid to large scale businesses looking to improve email-driven revenue.  We help them to build scale while maintaining relevance and to develop monetization strategies without compromising authenticity.

Who We Work For

Our primary clients are in the premium media space to include major digital and print publishers, video, music and lifestyle content producers.  We also have expertise with online retailers and service companies and accept specific engagements with clients in those verticals. Additionally, FOND Group has in-depth experience developing effective email programs for nonprofit and cause-marketing clients.

How We Do It

Led by Nicole Delma, a fifteen year veteran of the email marketing industry and serial connector, FOND Group is a network of the top talent in the email and digital industry. We assemble the best team of creatives, strategists, architects and suppliers to match each individual client and project need. We work on a project or retainer basis and generally by referral only. Our track record speaks for itself with repeat client relationships lasting more than a decade and including a who’s who in digital publishing, retail and nonprofit.

How We Came to Be

It was Hurricane Sandy…

During the period of extreme crisis in NYC after Hurricane Sandy hit, FOND Group’s founder Nicole Delma was called on to use her email marketing skills to help support relief efforts. To her dismay, she found the demands of her day job as director of email marketing for a major retailer limited the amount of time she could dedicate to that important work. It was a light bulb moment. Suddenly she saw how her digital marketing expertise could be applied to the greater good! With a shift of focus, she could provide real benefit to a much broader group of people.

Delma immediately resigned from the retail corporation and set out to support people, causes and businesses that truly aligned with her values and challenged her professionally. Her first client was Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post which challenged and rewarded her tremendously. She was booked immediately for a repeat engagement before the first one had ended and has never looked back from email consulting since.


Good  business starts with a commitment to finding and
choosing to do work that we feel really matters.  When the
work we do has 
meaning to us,  we put our full hearts into
making both the process 
and the end result worthwhile.
Surround that passion and commitment 
with a network of
skilled experts who can help grow it and it thrives.
That is what FOND Group is all about.”

                                                —Nicole Delma, FOND Group Founder

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