Led by email marketer and impact strategist Nicole Delma,  FOND Group is comprised of a dynamic core of specialized experts with skills ranging from platform development, content production, workflow management and partnership strategy. Fond Group also  sources from its unique network of vetted media and digital marketing professionals to curate and align supplemental teams for specific projects. Our experts possess a variety of practical skill sets gained from hands on experience working for some of the best companies and agencies in NY as well as a shared interest in making the the inbox a better place. Through a thoughtful process of client discovery and strategic project management, Delma either manages client work solo or assembles and deploys the right team of experts to meet the needs of the particular task at hand.

-Revenue stream development for publishers, retailers, nonprofit and B2B
-Monetization strategy with emphasis on email advertising, commerce, custom research, supplemental data revenue
-Acquisition development – paid, partner and organic strategies to grow lists and audiences
-Data valuation – advising on structuring email list acquisitions, mergers and relaunches
-Email vendor selection, management and implementation
-Lifecycle marketing – development of triggers, segmentation and testing in various ESPs
-Database management, algorithm development and model building
-Email deliverability expert – providing support and education in resolving and preventing deliverability issues, blacklisting and low inbox placement
-Expedited sourcing of various subject matter experts on creative, analytics, acquisition, technology

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